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Updated: Jul 18, 2019

It is with great pleasure to introduce a snippet of my short story. I hope you enjoy it. You can purchase on Kindle Amazon, if you wish to donate.


The Observations of Alien 597

by Clara L. Molina

"Alien 597 had been groomed for a job as a traveler since birth, like her forefathers before her, traveling the void and venturing into the nothingness, the nameless, and the undiscovered to find life. As she was growing up, she wanted no such lonely life, for her life would be wasted on a fruitless quest, searching a universe that was hollow, and mostly empty. But they had found something, there was another species on another planet that looked exactly like them, and they needed travelers. And lately, Alien 597 had been looking up at the stars in search of something. When she caught a shooting star, she imagined how many she missed out of her field of vision, probably thousands raining down. Stars were dying, and giving birth to new stars, planets were circling, and new galaxies were forming and dying. Things were in constant motion with or without her, and she figured she wanted to be a part of this, part of the discovery to this faraway place. She was given clearance to go, and she had read books and settled on an area to explore and blend in… this strange place, named with three letters… U….S….A. The lights sparkled even from outer space in this golden dotted land, and she was eager for exploration, study, and extensive research.

She had an algorithm where she would take notes of her observations. She would think it, and it would write down what she thought to a room in her home world, which gathered observations from other travelers too. She was told good places to research information on earth were in a place called a bookstore or a library, and on a machine called a TV box. She was also told to visit a place called a hotel or motel, they didn’t know the difference, but it was meant for travelers. As she walked in to her motel, the stench of the room became overwhelming, the beige floor was stained black, and the white walls had beige and black spots. She wandered if all places looked like this after human contact.

She was eager to start her research, and turned the TV box on for valuable information, when she noticed a bug on the wall that had eight legs, which she remembered from the documents her superiors had given her before she left, called a spider. All could bite, but some had poison that could kill you within minutes, or could deform you by eating all of your skin where it bit you. Back home they didn’t know which ones had the poison, they were still waiting on other observations to come in for verification, so she just stayed away from it. As she planned what to do with the spider, she then came across another bug so grotesque, she recoiled when she saw it. It was flat, brown, very fast, and quite large, but seemed harmless.

“Hello,” she uttered to it, but it didn’t talk back.

She called some ladies over, who would clean rooms. Alien 597 thought they were not very good at their profession by the state of her room, but since they were inhabitants of this planet, they would have expert knowledge on this species.

“It’s a roach,” said a lady with an accent she was not familiar with.

“What do they eat?”

“That pendejo can eat anything.”

“How long have they’ve been around?”

“Probably millions of years,” said the other lady in a different accent then the first. “Those motherfuckers could survive a nuclear war. They move fast… Shit. Some of them can fly too. Motherfuckers have wings.”

This got Alien 597’s attention, and after asking the ladies help in removing the bugs, she thanked them. This bug could fly, eat anything, move fast, and survive destruction she thought to herself. She wrote in her algorithm. If you want to be invincible, you have to be a roach, a pendejo, or motherfucker. "

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